2022 November
2014 October
Keeping The Right PrioritiesBy Pastor Craig Moore 10.29.14
2014 May
All in the Same Boat?By Pastor Craig Moore 05.25.14
What is Truth?By Pastor Larry Siekawitch 05.15.14
2014 April
What are the four words for hell in the Bible?By Pastor Larry Siekawitch 04.12.14
2014 March
God's Purposes vs Our ConvenienceBy Pastor Kirk Knudsen 03.07.14
2014 January
Take Courage In 2014By Pastor Craig Moore 01.20.14
2013 December
Who is This Baby Called Jesus?By Pastor Dan Gordon 12.18.13
Do Not Be Afraid, I Bring You Good News Of Great JoyBy Pastor Craig Moore 12.13.13
When God Stepped into the MessBy Pastor Kirk Knudsen 12.09.13
No Room For JesusBy Pastor James E. Alberts II 12.09.13
The Uniqueness of the BibleBy Pastor Larry Siekawitch 12.06.13
2013 September
I Was Impressed To See The St. Cloud Students At The PoleBy Pastor Craig Moore 09.25.13
It’s All GiftBy Rev. Brady Finnern 09.09.13
Will You Speak Boldly, Though the World Slay You?By Pastor Matthew Molesky 09.07.13
2013 April
In A FogBy Pastor Craig Moore 04.12.13
To Take Up Your CrossBy Pastor Larry Siekawitch 04.10.13
2013 March
The REAL 'Superbowl Sunday'By Pastor Doug Vagle 03.23.13
What A Savior!By Pastor Matthew Molesky 03.14.13
2013 February
Do You Know The Truth?By Pastor Craig Moore 02.20.13
Is The Problem With Guns Or The Heart?By Pastor Dennis Campbell 02.06.13
2013 January
Setting Your Goals For 2013By Pastor James E. Alberts II 01.11.13
2012 December
Start 2013 by Throwing Out Your Former Way of Life By Pastor Craig Moore 12.28.12
2012 November
To Give Thanks Means To Verbalize Your ThankfulnessBy Pastor Craig Moore 11.20.12
Now That The Elections Are Over By Pastor Doug Vagle 11.18.12
Returning To Your First Love By Pastor Craig Moore 11.15.12
How Should Christians Vote?By Pastor Mark Johnson 11.03.12
2012 October
What Is The Biblical Definition Of Marriage?By Pastor Dennis Campbell 10.30.12
Our Relationship With Jesus Progresses As We Learn More About HimBy Pastor Craig Moore 10.24.12
Big Visions Cannot Be Supported By Small Minded PeopleBy Pastor James E. Alberts II 10.15.12
Who Made You Judge?By Pastor Matthew Molesky 10.08.12