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2017 December
Top 10 Christian Books Of 2017By Curtis Wayne 12.19.17
The Last Jedi - The Truth WithinBy Curtis Wayne 12.19.17
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2016 June
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2016 April
Stopping Abortion requires taking back the media - Carly FiorinaBy Curtis Wayne 04.12.16
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2015 December
Moral decline is the real reason for the global economic collapseBy Curtis Wayne 12.30.15
2015 November
Top 10 Christian Books Of 2015By Curtis Wayne 11.20.15
No Such Thing As A Prosperous Nation Without GodBy Steve Johnson 11.12.15
2015 October
Monsters Point To GodBy Steve Johnson 10.30.15
The Goal Of The Church In The Last Days Is To Stand FirmBy Steve Johnson 10.27.15
2015 August
How Secular Schools Lead Children Away From ChristBy Steve Johnson 08.11.15
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2015 July
The Bloodshed of ISIS Brings Prophetic Wars Back Into ConsiderationBy Curtis Ophoven 07.17.15
The god of Positive Thinking Is Too Small, We Need The Real GodBy Curtis Ophoven 07.09.15
2015 March
Christ or Bust, Growth or Economic CollapseBy Curtis Ophoven 03.11.15
2015 February
Why Few Churches Are Preaching On The End TimesBy Curtis Ophoven 02.20.15
2015 January
Why A Christian Education Is Far Superior To A Secular EducationBy Curtis Ophoven 01.20.15
2014 December
The Global War On Christians, The Media Is Silent, But We Don't Have To BeBy Tia Johnson 12.11.14
10 Best Christian Books Of 2014By Curtis Wayne 12.06.14
2014 November
Postmodernism Is Destroying The World, Collapsing Each NationBy Curtis Ophoven 11.25.14
Plant The Word In The Heart Of Your ChildBy Tia Johnson 11.10.14
2014 October
Can You Buy A Homeschool Education?By Curtis Ophoven 10.10.14
Why The Earth Is Not Billions Or Even Millions Of Years OldBy Curtis Ophoven 10.06.14
2014 September
Scientist Fired For Being A ChristianBy Tia Johnson 09.26.14
Why Science Cannot Determine Human Value Or Derive A Moral StandardBy Curtis Ophoven 09.09.14
2014 August
Two Lies Which Good Moms BelieveBy Tia Johnson 08.26.14
Scientist Discovers That Atheists Do Not ExistBy Curtis Ophoven 08.13.14
Supreme Count One Vote from Banning Public PrayerBy Tia Johnson 08.05.14
7 Reasons To Anticipate A Global Financial CollapseBy Curtis Ophoven 08.01.14
2014 July
InterVarsity Getting Kicked Off College CampusesBy Tia Johnson 07.30.14
Obama Orders The Nation To Deny ChristBy Curtis Ophoven 07.22.14
Forbes' New Book Makes Case For Sound MoneyBy Curtis Ophoven 07.18.14
God Remains The Best Explanation For Objective Moral LawsBy Tia Johnson 07.15.14
The Greatest Revival The World Has Ever SeenBy Curtis Ophoven 07.10.14
Are Christian Churches Really In Decline?By Tia Johnson 07.07.14
2014 June
When Technology Becomes Our God, It Owns UsBy Curtis Ophoven 06.30.14
How Close Is Christianity To Becoming A Hate Crime?By Tia Johnson 06.26.14
Common Core, The Goal Is To Control Your ChildrenBy Curtis Ophoven 06.13.14
Study Confirms Link Between Cancer And AbortionBy Tia Johnson 06.04.14
2014 May
Marriage Is What Makes Humanity SpecialBy Curtis Ophoven 05.21.14
Prayer Empowers Us And Strengthens Our Trust In HimBy Tia Johnson 05.02.14
2014 April
The Moral And Immoral Cases For ObamaCareBy Tia Johnson 04.29.14
Schooled by Ken Ham from Answers in GenesisBy Curtis Ophoven 04.22.14
The Death and Resurrection of Christ Answers the Two Most Common QuestionsBy Curtis Ophoven 04.17.14
Our Weaknesses Are Real And So Is God's StrengthBy Tia Johnson 04.08.14
The Bible Makes A Comeback In Public EducationBy Curtis Ophoven 04.03.14
2014 March
Anti-Bullying Bills Aim To Redefine Morality By Using Public Schools To Target ChildrenBy Curtis Ophoven 03.31.14
Religious Freedom Is A Human RightBy Tia Johnson 03.29.14
Does God Exist? Frank Turek vs. Dennis NormarkBy Curtis Ophoven 03.27.14
Suppressing Liberty In The Name Of EqualityBy Tia Johnson 03.24.14
The Wisdom Of The Lord Is Like A Hidden TreasureBy Curtis Ophoven 03.15.14
Can The Global Ignorance Of Sin Cause A Global Financial Collapse?By Curtis Ophoven 03.12.14
How To Break Free From The TVBy Tia Johnson 03.04.14
2014 February
Mass Shootings Reveal Moral DecayBy Tia Johnson 02.20.14
Who Won The Worldview Debate Between Ken Ham And Bill Nye?By Curtis Ophoven 02.13.14
Greece Corruption Reveals Ignorance Of Sin As the Reason for Their Financial CollapseBy Curtis Ophoven 02.03.14
2014 January
It Has Become Obvious That What Is Growing In The Womb Is A Real Living PersonBy Tia Johnson 01.23.14
Pastor Matthew Of Calvary Community Church Refuses To Be Silent On AbortionBy Curtis Ophoven 01.21.14
The Future Of Journalism Is Ultimately Christian JournalismBy Curtis Ophoven 01.20.14
Abstinence Education Continues To Help Teens As New Study Finds Drop In Teen SexBy Tia Johnson 01.13.14
Ex-gay Communities Prove Christ Was Right - Sinful Behavior Can Be OvercomeBy Tia Johnson 01.06.14
Start 2014 Excited About What The Lord Is DoingBy Curtis Ophoven 01.01.14
2013 December
Is Society Better Off With Or Without Christians?By Tia Johnson 12.23.13
A Growing Intolerance Of Those Who Refuse To Deny ChristBy Curtis Ophoven 12.17.13
Russia Claims Moral Leadership Of The World, And They May Have A PointBy Curtis Ophoven 12.16.13
10 Ways Christianity Strengthens Your Mental HealthBy Curtis Ophoven 12.13.13
Do We Really Want Christianity To Become A Hated Minority?By Tia Johnson 12.11.13
MN Senate Bill Moves Us One Step Closer To Criminalizing ChristianityBy Curtis Ophoven 12.09.13
More People Are Willing To Reach Out To The Lost In The St. Cloud AreaBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 12.06.13
2013 Editor’s Choice Top 10 Christian BooksBy Curtis Wayne 12.03.13
2013 November
Thankful For My FatherBy Curtis Ophoven 11.28.13
Making The Case To Legislate Against PornBy Tia Johnson 11.22.13
2013 October
Christian Mentors Are In Great NeedBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 10.09.13
2013 September
Be Careful And Guard Your Heart Lest You FallBy Tia Johnson 09.25.13
Rejecting The Lord Has Brought Division To Our NationBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 09.04.13
2013 August
How Close Is America To The Lords Red Line?By Curtis Ophoven 08.29.13
What Do We Do When Pain Comes?By Amanda Mattingly 08.19.13
Natural Marriage Is The Only Hope For The Future Of SocietyBy Tia Johnson 08.09.13
Trusting The Lord Through Major Life ChangesBy Amanda Mattingly 08.02.13
2013 July
Should Christians Stay Away from Yoga Because of its Demonic Roots?By Sonia Eizenhoefer 07.29.13
Hiding The Truth Among The ThornsBy Curtis Ophoven 07.28.13
Some Say Christianity Is Dogmatic, Anti-Science, Judgmental, Intolerant, Anti-intellectual and BigotedBy Tia Johnson 07.24.13
Journalism Is One Of The Greatest Means To Tell People About ChristBy Tia Johnson 07.12.13
2013 June
Alan Chambers To Close Exodus International Amid Theological ConfusionBy Curtis Ophoven 06.24.13
When A Nation Abandons Natural Marriage They Also Abandon FreedomBy Tia Johnson 06.20.13
Song Of The Month - Made Alive by CitizensBy Curtis Ophoven 06.19.13
Sam Harris’s Journey To Faith In ChristBy Curtis Ophoven 06.11.13
2013 May
Overcoming Hinderances In Support Of Natural MarriageBy Tia Johnson 05.30.13
Which Better Explains Reality, Atheism Or Theism?By Curtis Ophoven 05.24.13
A Visit With My Legislator Highlights What We Think About Marriage Reveals What We Think About Our CreatorBy Tia Johnson 05.13.13
The Religious Exemption In The MN Marriage Bill Only Protects A Very Few, Almost Everyone's Rights Will Be LostBy Curtis Ophoven 05.09.13
Surprise, Surprise, Many New Pro-Marriage Activists Are Young AdultsBy Tia Johnson 05.07.13
Delaware Becomes The First State To Close All Abortion ClinicsBy Curtis Ophoven 05.03.13
2013 April
The Rise Of Courageous PastorsBy Curtis Ophoven 04.26.13
California Teen Starts Modesty Club In Reaction To Popular IndecencyBy Tia Johnson 04.22.13
New Research Shows Trusting The Lord Leads To A Longer LifeBy Curtis Ophoven 04.12.13
The Small Things Determine The Big ThingsBy Amanda Mattingly 04.10.13
The Waters Church Begins Expansion Project To Double SanctuaryBy Curtis Ophoven 04.05.13
The Resurrection Of Christ Changes Lives In Every Nation, Culture – He Is UncontainableBy Amanda Mattingly 04.02.13
2013 March
Joy Is Found In The Promises Of God, Do You Know Them?By Amanda Mattingly 03.26.13
Through His Acts Of Justice He Made Himself Known To UsBy Curtis Ophoven 03.20.13
National Religious Broadcasters to Propose Solution to Growing Social Media CensorshipBy Tia Johnson 03.19.13
Minnesota On The Verge Of Redefining MarriageBy Curtis Ophoven 03.14.13
Hollywood Is In Denial 'Carefree Sex' Results In Nothing But Misery And An Early DeathBy Tia Johnson 03.13.13
Does Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Give Freedom Or Take Freedom Away?By Curtis Ophoven 03.07.13
Men Of Integrity, Catholic Men’s Conference 2013By Curtis Ophoven 03.06.13
What Is It Worth To Share The Gospel?By Amanda Mattingly 03.05.13
Going Deeper Ten Week Worldview Class At Harvest FellowshipBy Curtis Ophoven 03.03.13
Will The Supreme Court Rule Against God?By Curtis Ophoven 03.01.13
2013 February
Ever Wonder Why Ridicule and Mockery Has No Power Against Christianity?By Curtis Ophoven 02.27.13
The False Promises of Feminism Have Led Women To UnhappinessBy Tia Johnson 02.22.13
This Is One Of The Greatest Moments In History, Don't Miss Out On All The Lord Is DoingBy Curtis Ophoven 02.20.13
The Lord Continues To Bless Delight Media As Our Influence GrowsBy Curtis Ophoven 02.18.13
New Study Shows The Best Way To Change Opinions About Abortion Is To Address Pre-Marital SexBy Curtis Ophoven 02.15.13
Anyone Can Lead People To Christ, All It Takes Is A Willingness To Answer Their QuestionsBy Tia Johnson 02.10.13
Atheist Richard Dawkins Loses Debate With Rowan Williams at Cambridge UniversityBy Curtis Ophoven 02.04.13
The Faith Of Jailed Pastor Saeed Is Strengthening The Faithful Around The WorldBy Curtis Ophoven 02.01.13
2013 January
Marriage Retreat, A Time For Spouses To Reconnect With Each OtherBy Curtis Ophoven 01.30.13
Laws That Protect Life, NDSU To Freeze Grant For Planned Parenthood CurriculumBy Tia Johnson 01.29.13
Oh What A Blessing It Is That He Lets Us Participate In His Plan To Save The WorldBy Amanda Mattingly 01.25.13
Midwest Apostolic Prophetic Conference 2013 - Great And Mighty ThingsBy Curtis Ophoven 01.22.13
If You Know Him, You Cannot Help But Worship HimBy Amanda Mattingly 01.17.13
Underneath Europe’s Financial Collapse Is Their Moral CollapseBy Curtis Ophoven 01.16.13
Nevada Court Rules That No Rights Are Violated By Its Traditional Marriage LawsBy Tia Johnson 01.14.13
2012 Year In Review – In Central MNBy Curtis Ophoven 01.05.13
The Atheism Movement Is Losing Its Luster With The Next GenerationBy Curtis Ophoven 01.03.13
2012 December
The Nation May Be At A Tipping-Point, But It’s Not Too Late To Pull Back From The BrinkBy Tia Johnson 12.31.12
Start 2013 By Remembering He Is On The Throne Ruling And ReigningBy Amanda Mattingly 12.28.12
Pastor Ryan Conrad Of SolidRock Church Responds To The Sandy Hook School ShootingBy Curtis Ophoven 12.27.12
Even The Angels Marvel At What The Lord Did For UsBy Curtis Ophoven 12.24.12
The Mayan Calendar 12-21-2012 Hoax And What It Really Points ToBy Curtis Ophoven 12.19.12
He Is Going To Turn It All Around, Just Wait And SeeBy Curtis Ophoven 12.18.12
Re-Live The Birth Of Christ At The Live Nativity Scene At Messiah Lutheran ChurchBy Scott Noble 12.13.12
One Of The Rewards Of Christianity Is The Ability To Look At Tragedy In An Entirely Different WayBy Amanda Mattingly 12.11.12
Avon Community Church Plans To Begin Using New Facility In Time For ChristmasBy Scott Noble 12.07.12
2012 Editor’s Choice Top 10 Christian Books With The Greatest Influential ContributionBy Curtis Wayne 12.05.12
Here Is A Guideline To Create An Anti-Bullying Policy That Does Not Become A Policy Used For DiscriminationBy Tia Johnson 12.03.12
2012 November
More New Scientific Research Reveals God Behind Design Of Human LifeBy Tia Johnson 11.28.12
The Remarkable Success Of Israel’s Iron Dome And How It Forever Changes The ConflictBy Curtis Ophoven 11.22.12
What A Nation Believes About Marriage Has A Direct Effect On Its PovertyBy Amanda Mattingly 11.21.12
Thanksgiving Is The Time To Remember Where Everything Good Comes FromBy Amanda Mattingly 11.19.12
The 2012 Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Was A SuccessBy Curtis Ophoven 11.16.12
Brazil Considers Bill To Persecute And Jail Christians As Homosexuality Becomes The Legal Weapon Against Believing In The BibleBy Tia Johnson 11.14.12
Divorce Rate Among Conservative Christians Is Much Lower Perhaps Only 10 Percent, Proving Christianity To Be Of Great ValueBy Amanda Mattingly 11.12.12
What To Do When The American Dream Becomes A NightmareBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 11.10.12
What To Make of The Record Number of Muslims Converting to Christ In The Middle East?By Amanda Mattingly 11.09.12
How To Respond To The Elections And Tell People About The Real SolutionBy Curtis Ophoven 11.07.12
A Nation Without Marriage Is A Nation In DespairBy Curtis Ophoven 11.03.12
2012 October
This Halloween Consider How The Coming Darkness Is Surpassing The Present DarknessBy Curtis Ophoven 10.30.12
God's Purpose For Us In The Crisis Of PovertyBy Amanda Mattingly 10.29.12
Redefining Marriage Is UnconstitutionalBy Curtis Ophoven 10.25.12
Worship Your Way Out of Poverty, No Government Program Comes Close To The Effects of WorshipBy Curtis Ophoven 10.23.12
The Christian-Muslim Debate Was AwesomeBy Curtis Ophoven 10.21.12
From Israel To The Global Food Shortage, It Is Astonishing How Accurate The Lord’s Predictions AreBy Curtis Ophoven 10.19.12
Will The Dismal Future Cause This Generation To Take An Honest Look What Made America So Unique, So Great? By Curtis Ophoven 10.14.12
Lilia Rose President Of Live Action, Explains Why Abortion Is Still At The Heart Of Our Nations DisfunctionBy Curtis Ophoven 10.10.12
Save A Life, Join The 40 Days For Life Campaign To End AbortionBy Curtis Ophoven 10.07.12
Muslim-Christian Debate, 'Is Mohammad Mentioned In The Bible?' And Every Other Question You Ever Wanted To AskBy Amanda Mattingly 10.05.12
2012 September
Real Christian Church Could Be Forced Underground In Coming Years Unless Believers Rise UpBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 09.28.12
Involvement In Local Community Is An Opportunity To Bless Your WorldBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 09.25.12
How To Tell An Atheist About Christ, Oct 14th Simulcast by Former Atheist and Author Of 'The Case For Christ'By Tia Johnson 09.20.12
The Blessings Of This Crumbling World Begin When We Turn To The Lord And Gain His ComfortBy Amanda Mattingly 09.18.12
The Night God Saved Phil Stacey's LifeBy Curtis Ophoven 09.16.12
The Fight Over Jerusalem Reveals Just How Close We Are To the Return of ChristBy Curtis Ophoven 09.12.12
A Loving Father Is Perhaps The Greatest Contributor To Overcoming Anger And Unbelief Towards GodBy Tia Johnson 09.10.12
The Waters Church In Sartell Adds Talented New Youth PastorBy Curtis Ophoven 09.07.12
The Rainbow Is A Daily Reminder That God Always Keeps His Promises And His Promise To Return Is NearBy Curtis Ophoven 09.05.12
Living A Life Of Continuous Praise No Matter The CircumstancesBy Amanda Mattingly 09.03.12
2012 August
15 States File Legal Brief in Support of Defense of Marriage Act - DOMABy Curtis Ophoven 08.30.12
There Is Still Hope For Our Nation's DebtBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 08.28.12
The Crumbling World Reveals The Weakness Of Its False Gods And The Strength Of Jesus ChristBy Tia Johnson 08.24.12
If A Little Bit Of The Lord Is Good, Why Not Get As Much As You Can?By Curtis Ophoven 08.22.12
Why The Rage Against God Will Continue To Increase As The World Approaches The Return Of ChristBy Tia Johnson 08.20.12
The Story Behind Discovery Church’s New Facility In Sauk Rapids And God’s Undeniable InvolvementBy Scott Noble 08.17.12
The Worse The Situation You Find Yourself In, The Greater the Opportunity For God To Come ThroughBy Curtis Ophoven 08.15.12
Life Is Short, Make It Count By Pursuing God And The Adventure He Has Planned For UsBy Tia Johnson 08.13.12
Corporations Find New Way To Improve Health Of Employees By Bringing A Pastor Into The OfficeBy Tia Johnson 08.10.12
Religious Freedom In Decline Around The World As Nations Reject Christ As Foundation For FreedomBy Curtis Ophoven 08.08.12
Financial Breakthrough That Began With A Giver That Had Little To GiveBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 08.06.12
Ramadan The Islam Month Of Fasting And The Christian ResponseBy Amanda Mattingly 08.03.12
Don't Be Deceived, The Church Has Not Failed Nor Will It FailBy Curtis Ophoven 08.02.12
2012 July
Questions Surrounding Mass Murder Reveals Gaps In Moral RelativismBy Tia Johnson 07.30.12
Heroic Parents Stop School From Teaching New Morality As Illinois School District Rejects Homosexual Activist CurriculumBy Tia Johnson 07.27.12
Last Days Pattern Matthew 24;7 In View As U.S. Faces Worst Drought In 60 YearsBy Curtis Ophoven 07.25.12
Why The God of the Bible is Not the Same as Allah the god of IslamBy Amanda Mattingly 07.23.12
Unlike Any Other, The Pleasures Of The Lord Are SatisfyingBy Curtis Ophoven 07.19.12
Congressional Report - Christians Are Correct, Abstinence Education is Best Sex-Ed ApproachBy Tia Johnson 07.17.12
It Is Undeniable How Brilliant He IsBy Curtis Ophoven 07.13.12
Evolution Is So Improbable That Even After Decades of Teaching It, Very Few Believe ItBy Tia Johnson 07.11.12
That Was No Accident, The Lord Stages Events In Our Lives Just To Reveal Himself To UsBy Tia Johnson 07.08.12
Things Are Not As Good As They Seem, America The Beautiful Is Being SubvertedBy Curtis Ophoven 07.03.12
2012 June
There Are Hundreds Of Reasons To Support The MN Marriage AmendmentBy Curtis Ophoven 06.29.12
The Mission Christ Has For Us Is Bigger And Greater Than Anything ElseBy Tia Johnson 06.25.12
Marriage Is Worth Protecting Because When A Nation Moves Away From Marriage They Go BrokeBy Tia Johnson 06.22.12
Science Proves The Teachings of Christianity Result In Healthy LivingBy Curtis Ophoven 06.13.12
No Matter What Is Happening In Our Lives There Is Always A Reason To Worship GodBy Amanda Mattingly 06.11.12
Modern Science Exposes The Theory Of Evolution As Absurd, Laughable, Blind FaithBy Tia Johnson 06.08.12
If You Leave Christ Where Will You Go? Only He Has The Words Of LifeBy Curtis Ophoven 06.06.12
The Preacher Was Right About How The Devil Could Destroy AmericaBy Tia Johnson 06.04.12
2012 May
Top Model Kylie Bisutti Changes Career To Stop Misleading Young Girls About Casual SexBy Amanda Mattingly 05.31.12
Young Adults Leave The Church At Their Own DismayBy Curtis Ophoven 05.29.12
Minister's Consider Their Options In Response To Obama's Attack On MarriageBy Tia Johnson 05.25.12
The Value Of Life Begins With God Because He Made Us PreciousBy Tia Johnson 05.23.12
The Christian Worldview Is Always More Profitable Than The Secular WorldviewBy Curtis Ophoven 05.21.12
In These Last Days Pornography Has Become A Global Destroyer, Yet God Is Still Rescuing And Restoring Those That Call On HimBy Tia Johnson 05.17.12
Prayer Is Powerful Because It Is Direct Communication With The Living GodBy Amanda Mattingly 05.07.12
Science Cannot Escape That It Begins With The Biblical Definition of FaithBy Curtis Ophoven 05.04.12
Studying God's Word Reveals The Work He Has For UsBy Amanda Mattingly 05.02.12
2012 April
The Happiest Women In The World Are MarriedBy Tia Johnson 04.29.12
The Future Of Every Nation Rests On What People Believe About JesusBy Curtis Ophoven 04.27.12
Christian Apologetics Student Group Gains Ground at Universities Giving Students Intelligent Arguments To Defend Their FaithBy Tia Johnson 04.24.12
Chick-fil-A CEO; Jesus Teachings Resulted In Double-Digit Increase In Sales Despite a Poor EconomyBy Tia Johnson 04.19.12
Defense Is Not Enough, Christians Must Engage In Offence To Get The Truth Out That Sets People FreeBy Tia Johnson 04.15.12
What Difference Does It Make That Jesus Was Raised From The Dead?By Curtis Ophoven 04.05.12
The Cyber Mission Field Is Likely The Greatest Opportunity In History to Share the GospelBy Curtis Ophoven 04.02.12
2012 March
Either We Defend Religious Freedom Now Or Mourn For It LaterBy Tia Johnson 03.27.12
Unlike Any Other, The God Of The Bible Pursues Us So That We May Know HimBy Amanda Mattingly 03.23.12
The Lord Has Promised Good To Me, His Word My Hope SecuresBy Curtis Ophoven 03.20.12
How Do We Exercise Freedom Of Religion While Respecting Government Authority?By Tia Johnson 03.19.12
Persecution Does Not Stop Christianity, Rather It Gives Believers A Reason To Grow Their Faith Tell More PeopleBy Tia Johnson 03.11.12
3 Of The Top Reasons Why It Is Not In Our Best Interest to Put Off MarriageBy Curtis Ophoven 03.07.12
Suzanne Somers Speaks Out About The Health Risks Of Oral ContraceptivesBy Tia Johnson 03.01.12
2012 February
Clean Water Saves Lives EverydayBy Amanda Mattingly 02.27.12
New Study Shows a Home With a Mom and a Dad Drastically Improves Boys Behavior in SchoolBy Tia Johnson 02.21.12
The Pilgrim's Progress Musical Will Be Performing in St Cloud March 7-10thBy Curtis Ophoven 02.20.12
Project 2026 Launched to Restore Christian ValuesBy Tia Johnson 02.16.12
This Valentine's Day Take Some Time To Glorify The Lord For The Love He Bestowed Upon UsBy Amanda Mattingly 02.11.12
Focus on the Family Date Night ChallengeBy Amanda Mattingly 02.07.12
New York Educational Board Creates New Laws to Discriminate Against ReligionBy Tia Johnson 02.01.12
2012 January
2011 Editor’s Choice Top 10 Christian Books with the Greatest Influential ContributionBy Curtis Wayne 01.27.12
Fear Is Believing In An Inaccurate Reality, Void Of The Unchanging, All Knowing, All Powerful GodBy Tia Johnson 01.26.12
Christians Are Under Attack Around The World, Yet Nothing Can Weaken Their FaithBy Amanda Mattingly 01.24.12
God Is Good, A Stronghold In The Day of Trouble By Tia Johnson 01.20.12
Jesus Changed The Natural Born Condition Of Humanity, Freeing Us From Who We Were Born To Be; Part 2By Curtis Ophoven 01.16.12
Jesus Changed The Natural Born Condition Of Humanity, Freeing Us From Who We Were Born To BeBy Curtis Ophoven 01.10.12
3 Ways To Improve Your Marriage in 2012By Amanda Mattingly 01.09.12
The Breakdown of the Family is Likely the Primary Reason for the Breakdown of the EconomyBy Tia Johnson 01.03.12
Our 2012 New Year’s Resolution Is To Call On God To InterveneBy Curtis Ophoven 01.01.12
2011 December
Attacking Religious Freedom Is Attacking Civil SocietyBy Tia Johnson 12.29.11
Join Thousands Of Young Adults At The 2011 IHOP OneThing ConferenceBy Curtis Ophoven 12.27.11
Take Courage This Christmas Knowing God’s Love Is Strong Enough To Heal AnyoneBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 12.22.11
Join Countless Missionaries This Christmas As They Pray For People They LoveBy Amanda Mattingly 12.21.11
The More We Look The More We Find Him At Work Among UsBy Curtis Ophoven 12.20.11
Frankincense, Myrrh and Tinkerbell Jammies, The Wisdom Of Offering Gifts To The KingBy Tia Johnson 12.19.11
Staying Married Is One Of The Best Ways To Help The U.S. EconomyBy Tia Johnson 12.16.11
Christmas Is A Time To Give In Celebration Of The Birth of ChristBy Amanda Mattingly 12.12.11
Only God Could Heal The Scars Of Those Caught Up In The Human Trafficking Epidemic In CambodiaBy Amanda Mattingly 12.09.11
Don't Give Food Too Much Attention And Miss Out On Making God Your ObsessionBy Tia Johnson 12.04.11
2011 November
The Biblical Marriage Vow Makes It Possible To Be Intimate and Free To Be YourselfBy Amanda Mattingly 11.30.11
It Is Impossible To Believe That God Didn't Write The Bible Unless You Completely Ignore All The EvidenceBy Tia Johnson 11.28.11
Congress Reaffirms 'In God We Trust' As National MottoBy Amanda Mattingly 11.16.11
True Thankfulness For The One Who Saved Us Cannot Be Contained And Will Never EndBy Tia Johnson 11.15.11
The Solution To Racism Is Found In ScriptureBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 11.14.11
Christ Is Leading His People To Help Feed Millions Effected By The Famine In The Horn Of AfricaBy Amanda Mattingly 11.11.11
The Only Thing Missing From Ron Paul's Speech Is ChristBy Curtis Ophoven 11.09.11
We Should Take Advantage Of Our Religious Freedom And Reach Out To Our NeighborsBy Amanda Mattingly 11.08.11
Come Watch One Man’s Journey To The Cross Presented By The Pilgrim’s Progress MusicalBy Curtis Ophoven 11.07.11
The Story of Three Atheists In Three WeeksBy Curtis Ophoven 11.03.11
2011 St. Cloud Mayors Prayer BreakfastBy Curtis Ophoven 11.02.11
When Seeking Healthcare Alternatives, Be Careful Not To Trade Bodily Health For A Sickening SoulBy Tia Johnson 11.01.11
2011 October
If You Think You Can Handle Real Fear This Halloween, Try The Fear Of The LordBy Curtis Ophoven 10.28.11
Why We Don't Celebrate Halloween And How To Explain It To OthersBy Tia Johnson 10.26.11
If We Followed The Ten Commandments, Our Greatest Problems Would DisappearBy Amanda Mattingly 10.18.11
Our Greatest Achievement Is Convincing Others To Believe In ChristBy Amanda Mattingly 10.14.11
The Lack Of Commitment Between Cohabiting Parents Has Drastic Consequences For ChildrenBy Tia Johnson 10.12.11
Christianity Is The Greatest Outreach To The AIDS TragedyBy Amanda Mattingly 10.11.11
2011 September
6,000 New Believers Profess Their Faith in Christ On 10th Anniversary of 9-11By Tia Johnson 09.27.11
Does Higher Education Weaken Faith?By Tia Johnson 09.21.11
Gateway Church Holds Grand Opening In St Joseph Saturday NightBy Curtis Ophoven 09.15.11
The Indisputable Claims of Christianity Reveal The Truth To All The WorldBy Curtis Ophoven 09.12.11
Tenth Avenue North LIVE in Concert Next Week at Calvary Community Church St. CloudBy Curtis Ophoven 09.09.11
Without Understanding the Irreplaceable Value of Biblical Morality, A Nation Will Become Its Own Greatest ThreatBy Tia Johnson 09.08.11
SCSU Student Heads To Uganda To Help Children In PovertyBy Ryan Atkins 09.07.11
SCSU Student Gets Second Chance To Fulfill Mission To UgandaBy Ryan Atkins 09.06.11
Special Event, With Lee Strobel For A Webcast ‘Unpacking Islam’ at Westwood Church In St. Cloud By Curtis Ophoven 09.05.11
Meet The Creator Of Heaven And Earth At The Elk River House of PrayerBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 09.02.11
2011 August
Rob Bell's New Book 'Love Wins' Downplays Hell In Search For Second Chance At SalvationBy Curtis Ophoven 08.30.11
New Study Prove God's Commands Result In BlessingsBy Tia Johnson 08.29.11
How To Have Peace And Understanding During Tumultuous TimesBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 08.22.11
Optimism Is Not Enough To Solve The Worlds’ Economic CrisisBy Curtis Ophoven 08.18.11
We Must Balance the Budget Or We Will Lose Our Ability To Bless AnyoneBy Ryan Atkins 08.16.11
The Whitney Senior Center Is a Blessing to the People of St. CloudBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 08.15.11
Revival Has Begun in Northwest MN, Meetings Continue August 11-13 By Curtis Ophoven 08.10.11
‘The Response’ Was No Ordinary Prayer MeetingBy Curtis Ophoven 08.08.11
Standing For Life Is Standing For ChristBy Ryan Atkins 08.06.11
New Film 'Courageous' Highlights Importance of Fathers and the Results Without ThemBy Tia Johnson 08.03.11
2011 July
Norway’s Terrorist Claims Christian Label While Denying ChristBy Ryan Atkins 07.27.11
Get Away From the Darkness, If You Surrender You Will LiveBy Curtis Ophoven 07.25.11
Skate Park Gives Teens Place To Escape Culture And Focus On ExerciseBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 07.22.11
Look What God Is Doing All Across The LandBy Ryan Atkins 07.20.11
There Is A Lot To Learn About God From The Wisdom Of Elders In The FaithBy Tia Johnson 07.19.11
In Times of Transition, Wait Upon The LordBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 07.18.11
The Largest Crowd Of People Crazy for Jesus In MN Can Be Found At Sonshine Festival 2011By Curtis Ophoven 07.13.11
International House of Prayer Presents – Fascinate – A Four Day Conference, July 12-15By Curtis Ophoven 07.12.11
Proven- Christian Communities Are America's Greatest AssetBy Tia Johnson 07.11.11
Roe vs. Wade Is Within Reach Of Being Overturned In the Next Few YearsBy Curtis Ophoven 07.07.11
The Struggles of Life Can Be Overcome By the Hope That Is Found In ChristBy Ryan Atkins 07.06.11
Thirty Eight Percent Say the Recession Has Strengthened Their MarriageBy Tia Johnson 07.05.11
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2011 June
What's Eating You? How Believing In God Helps Control Your WeightBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 06.30.11
The True Meaning of Children and The Blessings They BringBy Sonia Eizenhoefer 06.29.11
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American Idol Spotlight Brings Awareness To Steven Tyler’s Aborted Baby Amid Rock-n-Roll FameBy Tia Johnson 06.08.11
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The Next Time You Have A Physical Ailment Consider Checking Your Spiritual HealthBy Tia Johnson 06.02.11
2011 May
Why Jesus Didn’t Return May 21th And Why This Event Provides Evidence For His Approaching ReturnBy Curtis Ophoven 05.26.11
MN Legislators Create Bill To Amend Constitution To Protect Marriage From Radical Social AgendaBy Curtis Ophoven 05.17.11
If The Fear Of The Lord Is the Beginning of Wisdom, Then What Is The Maturity of Wisdom?By Curtis Ophoven 05.11.11
Fundraiser to Assist Local SCSU Ivory Coast StudentsBy Ryan Atkins 05.11.11
SCSU Says Goodbye To Campus Ministry Leaders After Eleven YearsBy Ryan Atkins 05.06.11
Ivory Coast Civil War Challenges Faith of Local SCSU StudentsBy Ryan Atkins 05.06.11
Ivory Coast Unrest Felt By Local SCSU StudentsBy Ryan Atkins 05.02.11
2011 April
National Day of Prayer, May 5th, Stearns County Courthouse in St. CloudBy Curtis Ophoven 04.26.11
Ivory Coast Presidential Story Shows Media's Disrespect For ChristianityBy Ryan Atkins 04.25.11
The Death and Resurrection of Christ Is the Greatest Event In HistoryBy Curtis Ophoven 04.22.11
Ivory Coast Presidential Story Highlights The Need For TruthBy Ryan Atkins 04.20.11
Ivory Coast SCSU Students Are Very Concerned with International Involvement To Overthrow the Former PresidentBy Ryan Atkins 04.12.11
Eggstravaganza The Biggest Egg Hunt In Town, Saturday, April 16By Curtis Ophoven 04.11.11
Our Nation Depends On Our Willingness To Speak Christ And Defend Our FreedomsBy Ryan Atkins 04.05.11
Spirit 9.29’s Successful Spring Fundraiser Testifies of Community Support For Positive RadioBy Curtis Ophoven 04.02.11
2011 March
World Class Coaches Testify To The Impact Of ChristBy Ryan Atkins 03.29.11
Are Atheists Fools Because They Say ‘There Is No God’By Curtis Ophoven 03.28.11
Rediscover God in America Web Cast, Saturday March 26thBy Ryan Atkins 03.25.11
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The Fruit of Religious Faith Are Clearly Evident that God is Alive and WellBy Curtis Ophoven 03.15.11
Living for Christ Unto Death, Christian Persecution Continues to Increase Around the WorldBy Ryan Atkins 03.14.11
Missions and Soul Winning Conference in St Cloud March 13 - 16By Curtis Ophoven 03.07.11
2011 February
TheROCK FM Preparing for Launch of New Radio Station in St CloudBy Ryan Atkins 02.28.11
Pro-Life Support Surge Around the World, As House Votes to Defund Planned ParenthoodBy Curtis Ophoven 02.22.11
CBMC Invites You to a Luncheon with Guest Speaker and Professional Leadership Trainer Larry HillmanBy Curtis Ophoven 02.21.11
Star Wrestler Defaults Instead of Wrestling FemaleBy Ryan Atkins 02.19.11
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A Daughter Is Worth Celebrating, At the Daughter-Father Event February 19thBy Curtis Ophoven 02.10.11
Chi Alpha Annual Great Plains Regional Conference SALT 2011By Ryan Atkins 02.05.11
2011 January
MidWest Apostolic Prophetic Conference 2011, Times of RefreshingBy Curtis Ophoven 01.14.11
Apple Joins the Cultural War Against Christianity, Blocking Christian iPhone AppsBy Curtis Ophoven 01.09.11
2010 December
IHOP OneThing 2010 Conference Brings In 30,000 Registered Students To Start 2011By Curtis Ophoven 12.31.10
What To Do When You Are Burning to Preach But Don’t Have Anyone To ListenBy Curtis Ophoven 12.29.10
God Is At Work All Around UsBy Curtis Ophoven 12.22.10